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Ten months after the attacks against Charlie Hebdo and the Hyper Casher supermarket, Paris endured the worst terror attack in its history on November 13th 2015, causing 131 deaths and hundreds of injuries. Unlike the January attacks, these killings were untargeted ans struck bars and restaurants customers at random, as well as the crowd attending a concert by The Eagles Of Death Metal at the Bataclan.

Because of the state of elergency decreed the day after the attacks and the banning of all public demonstrations, Parisians have not gathered to mourn the victims as they did during the memorable giant march of January 10th 2015 which gathered millions of people in the capital's streets. Rather, they went by small groups on the premisses of the attacks and on the Place de la République to lay a message, a flower, a candle or a french flag.

After this tragedy, it's probably the truer than ever motto of Paris, "Fluctuat Nec Mergitur" (tossed but not sunk in latin) which expresses best the Parisian state of mind.

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