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He is Darek and she is Monika: they are Polish and play music every morning during the rush hour on line A of the RER between Auber and La Défence stations. Darek arrived in France in 1991 in hopes of finding a job. He wisely took his guitar with him, thinking that if things get rough, it could be useful. Since that time, he has played in the subway, in alternation with casual jobs in construction and travels back to Poland. A few years ago, he met Monika who followed him to Paris and started singing with him.

The choice to play on the most crowded line of urban transport in Europe is not without problems: they have to cope with the lack of space, the noise and the train movements. The featured songs from Eric Clapton, Tracy Chapman, the 4 non-blondes or the Cranberries are sometimes bringing smiles and rounds of applause, achieving a true miracle in the indifferent and cold atmosphere usually prevailing in the wagons.

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